H-1B Visa Fee FAQs

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1. Do I have to pay H-1B fees with this new registration system?

You will not need to pay fees in order to enter the lottery, but you will have to pay all applicable H-1B fees if you are selected for the cap.

2. Will premium processing be suspended again?

Unfortunately, there is no way of determining whether or not premium processing will be suspended. It was suspended in the past so that petitions without premium processing could be adjudicated and now it seems as though the USCIS is caught up.

If another back =log builds up, we might be able to anticipate another suspension of this service. For H1B Visa Process Visit UT Evaluators

3. Is there an LCA fee?

Fortunately, there is no fee required by the Department of Labor for the LCA.

4. Is there a salary requirement for the H-1B?

As of now, there is no minimum salary that you must have in order to qualify for an H-1B visa. You must only have at least a bachelor’s degree and a job offer from a U.S. employer that requires your degree.

However, the current administration intends to implement changes to the H-1B visa requirements that may include a minimum salary.

5. Can the beneficiary pay the premium processing fee?

Yes. However, the employer and the beneficiary must make it clear that the beneficiary is paying this fee because it directly benefits him or her rather than the employer.

Work with your immigration attorney to see about putting together the appropriate statement. To know more information on  H1B Visa  check Industrynewswire

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