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Honda Accord Overview

Honda Accord has been a prominent name among the elite class buyers in the Indian market. The previous-generation Accord bagged several accolades from the auto aficionados as well as the buyers due to its striking exterior appearance, luxurious interior cabin and imperious performance. However, the Japanese automaker discontinued the saloon a couple of years back because of unsatisfactory sales figures and did not launch the facelift model instantly. After a tumultuous wait of over two years, the company has reintroduced the Accord saloon in India, albeit in a hybrid avatar. The ninth-generation model was showcased at the 2016 Auto Expo in February and the extravagant response that it got from the buyers catapulted Honda to bring it to the Indian shores.

Honda Accord price

Identical to the preceding model, it would be sitting at the top of company’s vehicle line-up, while being continued to be retailed as a CBU. Needless to say, the new-generation Accord is smaller, lighter and advanced than its predecessor. Unfortunately, despite being a hybrid vehicle, it wouldn’t receive benefits from the FAME scheme of the Indian government as it is not being locally assembled. Honda Accord Hybrid would take on the likes of Toyota Camry Hybrid and the yet-to-be-launched Volkswagen Passat GTE.

Honda Accord Style

Currently in its ninth generation, the Accord still almost retains the shape of the previous gen model which was already a great looking car. But the new one turns its technology quotient up to eleven and it shows even in the design. The front of the car wouldn’t look out of place in a sci-fi movie. The headlamps are all LED. The DRLs wrap around the headlamps and the headlamps themselves house the LED bulbs in covered crevices. The LED fog lamps sit just below the headlamps on either side and a chunky chrome grille dominates the front facia of the car. All of this combined gives the car a concept vehicle-like look which is rather appealing.

From the side you notice the chrome lining around the windows and the prominent shoulder line which gives the car a slight German-esque aesthetic. The tail of the car, too, is an all LED affair and looks rather futuristic. The car sits on a rather striking set of 18-inch wheels which are shod on 235 section Michelin Pilot Sport 3 tubeless tyres. Also, Honda will provide tubeless puncture repair kits with the car and a spare tyre which was missing from ours will be strapped to the boot floor. Though it will seriously eat into the boot space of the car which is already quite low due to the lithium-ion battery pack that resides in the rear of the car.

Honda Accord Space

Step into the Honda Accord and the spacious and bring cabin feels welcoming. The leather seats are standard and electrically adjustable offering a soft and comfortable seating position with surprisingly good lumbar support. The rear seats too are wide, offer good support and have equally good leg room. The Accord has never disappointed in rear seat comfort and this new generation continues the trend. There is a good amount of wood accent pieces along with a gloss black central console.The design of the dashboard is not overdone and kept simple and usable as all accords in the past have been. For more info on Honda Accord visit iftr2015hyd

There are two central screens, one for the infotainment system that comes with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and the other mounted slightly further away from the driver providing a display of what the engine modes are and how the drive is being transmitted. One of the most useful features has to be the passenger side camera that virtually eliminated blind spots and helps you change lanes. It activates by flicking the left indicator on or by pressing a button on the indicator stalk. The Accord Hybrid also gets the usual two-stage climate control, cruise control and a sun-roof as part of standard equipment. On the whole then, the Accord is a quite and comfortable place to be in.There aren’t really any faults in the Accord Hybrid if we are honest.

The Accord was always meant to be a showcase of technology for Honda and it does just that. Yes, it could have done with more power and a stiffer chassis but that would have been pointless considering the fact that most of these will actually be used as chauffeur driven cars instead of owners actually getting behind the wheel. The Accord brand in India has seen success in the past and this very well could take the fight up to the Toyota Camry which is sold in both standard and Hybrid avatars in India.

Honda Accord Engine

If we told you that the Accord is powered by a 2.0-litre naturally aspirated i-VTEC engine and makes 145PS of peak power and 175Nm of peak torque, you wouldn’t be too impressed, would you? What if we added that it is in fact an Atkinson cycle engine which along with Honda’s i-VTEC technology also uses the company’s E-VTC or Electronic Variable Timing Control which helps better combustion of fuel leading to better fuel economy, Still no? Okay, in addition to all this, the car is also fitted with two electric motors – the propulsion motor drives the front wheels whereas the generator motor produces the electricity. The propulsion motor is powered by a 1.3kWh lithium-ion battery pack that resides in the rear of the car and the motor is capable of producing 184PS of peak power which takes the total output to 215PS. Impressed yet?

The drivetrain is mated to an E-CVT gearbox, which, unlike the conventional CVT setup, only employs two electric motors. According to Honda, the system is similar in dimension to a conventional CVT but aids better response and efficiency which according to Honda is 23.1kmpl. The driver can choose between three driving modes namely EV, Hybrid Drive and Engine Drive. In EV mode, the car runs purely on electric mode but has a limited range of just 1km. In Hybrid Drive mode it behaves like a series parallel hybrid where the ICE provides the power to the generator motor which in turn charges the battery pack which further provides the juice for the propulsion motor to use to drive the front wheels.

The car will most likely spend most of its time in the Hybrid Mode as it is likely to be driven mostly in the city. Then there is the Engine Drive mode which is mostly for highway cruising and employs the hybrid system to work with the ICE to aid quick acceleration and quick overtakes. There is also ‘sport’ mode which can be engaged for a bit of spirited driving along with the B gear position which induces deliberate engine braking when you take your foot off the throttle –useful for driving in the hills.

Honda Accord Driving

Our entire drive route consisted of the smooth Outer Ring Road in Hyderabad with a few rough patches leading there. Suspension set-up is clearly biased towards comfort and offers plush ride quality. I’m not sure if it’s better than the gold standard set up by the Camry Hybrid buts excellent nonetheless. Also excellent is the sound deadening, road noise at highway speeds are as good as any top of the line German limos. The Accord uses an active noise cancellation system that uses dual microphones, an electronic processor and the audio system speakers to cancel out low frequency sound in the cabin caused by rough roads. The system works whenever the car is running and regardless of whether the audio system is on or off. Book Honda Accord Test Drive.

Honda Accord Safety

The Honda Accord Hybrid sedan gets ventilated disc brakes at the front wheels, while solid discs do the duty at the rear wheels. In terms of safety, Honda Accord Hybrid specifications have gone a level ahead, and some never-seen-before features have been introduced in the form of ‘LaneWatch’ Blind Spot Monitoring System, Multi-angle Rear View Camera and Active Cornering Lights. In addition, the sedan also comes with an array of safety features, such as 6 airbags, 3-point seatbelt for each seat, front seatbelts with pre-tensioner and load limiter, Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS), Anti-lock Braking System, Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) with Traction Control, Brake Assist, and Hill Start Assist (HSA) as standard.

Honda Accord Cost in Mumbai

Honda Accord On-Road Price in Mumbai ranges from 53,91,212 to 53,91,212 for variants Accord Hybrid and Accord Hybrid respectively. Honda Accord is available in 1 variants and 4 colours. Below are details of Honda Accord variants price in Mumbai.

Honda Accord Conclusion

The Honda Accord Hybrid is a handsome car that’s stuffed to the gills with kit and promises to be quite nice to drive as well as extremely comfortable. The Camry Hybrid should be very worried but the Toyota does have an ace up its sleeve. Being locally assembled allows it significant tax breaks as well as incentives from the government’s FAME policy. The Accord is a CBU only which means it will probably be priced quite higher than its Rs 28 lakh rival. If Honda can pull off a competitive price at the October 25 launch, this car will not only be a great alternative to the Toyota but also to more expensive German cars.

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