What Is Google Analytics & Marketing Tag Management


No website can survive if this tool is not incorporated. This is truly a must requirement.It gives a great insight as to how the individual pages are attracting traffic to the website, where it studies and compares the data over a period of timeWell, it’s never late to start using the tool as the benefits are far-reaching and can tremendously impact your websites performance SEO campaign strategy. For Digital Marketing Companies Check Vivid Digital 

This tool helps in:

A. Studying the website and how it is performing.

B. Highlights areas which need improvement in the website.

C. Studies the traffic coming to the website.

Google Search Console

Another tool provided by Google provides a host of features. The search Console provides features like how many pages are present for indexing on the website, finds the most preferred landing pages, identifies links coming to your website, queries on your website and many other things. Another advantage of this tool is it gives suggestions for updated and new sitemaps so that the new pages can be indexed and redefines the SEO campaign strategy.

This tool helps you in:

A. Identifying errors.

B. Gives website’s analytics and gives an insight into overall website health.

Search Analytics for Sheets

We all have been using Google sheets and we have a free add-on tool for Google Sheets. It gives you the feature to extract data from Google Search Console whereby it foregoes the 90-day date limit. Adding further you can get all the information on ranking, queries, impressions, and landing pages from the Google Sheets. For SEO Agency in London visit here

This tool works best for:

A. Searching data on the website of the past and also for retrieving analytics data on the website.

Marketing Tag Management

Google Tag Manager

This tool provides you with an easy and organized way to place tags on your website. By doing so, you ease out your developers’ job where you can centrally carry out the exercise on your end with ease. Also, you can edit the same in future as well. The tag manager carries out the entire thing from this central location and updates the code as well as snippets on to the site.

A great tool for

A. Managing tags.

B. Tracking events.

C. Editing and uploading code and snippets.

Google Tag Assistant

The free chrome extension is helpful in debugging Google Tags which would include Analytics, Tag Manager, AdWords, Meta tags and much more. Here the Tag assistant incorporates a color-coded system to give you an insight into the health of your website and also the way the tags have been incorporated. It basically guides you as to how the tags have been installed on your website and judges if they are beneficial for you and guides you in case changes are required.

The tool works best where:

A. Verifies Google tags.

B. Debugs tags to give you maximum benefit.

The above-discussed tools are just a few of the huge array of tools available. The aim is to just give you greater SEO benefits all the way and enhance traffic coming to your website and redefine your SEO Campaign strategy to give you higher improved results.

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