Datsun redi GO Engine & First Drive

Datsun redi-GO Overview

Datsun redi-GO was launched around a couple of years with a strong value proposition aiming to lure the young buyers in emerging markets like India. At its launch, a three cylinder 800cc i-SAT engine promised a decent performance with good fuel efficiency. A more powerful 1.0L engine was introduced later in July 2017, at the upper end of the range to satisfy more demanding customers asking for a peppier street performance. Within a short period of 20 months of its existence, Datsun redi-GO offered many big and small improvements in the car. And the latest addition to the list is an Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) mated to the 1.0L engine. Does it now qualify to be your favourite everyday city car? Read on to find out while we share our experience on Datsun rediGo AMT from a recent pre-launch test drive. View offers on Datsun Cars from Datsun dealers in Hyderabad at Autozhop.

Datsun redi-GO Style

On the outside there is nothing new barring the ‘1.0’ badge on the boot to distinguish it from the 0.8-litre variant. It would have been nice had Datsun offered some more differentiating bits like dual-tone colours (going by the latest fad), body-coloured mirrors, or even decals (like the chequered flag on the Kwid 1.0-litre) to give the redi-GO 1.0L a distinct identity and more value to its buyers. Nonetheless, the car looks quirky with its tall boy design blended with sharp lines and bulging body panels. The design is a little ‘hatke’ than the usual boxy styles you see in this segment. At the front is the signature Datsun hexagonal grille flanked by a large set of headlights. The bumper has strong angular lines and houses daytime running lights, which is unique to the redi-GO in this segment.

The edgy styling continues to the side, marked by a thick crease running from the lower half of the doors and rising all the way up to the boomerang-shaped tail lights that kinks to the side. The wheels are still 13-inch steel rims with wheel caps – an opportunity missed by Datsun to add a set of alloy wheels. At the rear, the high rear windscreen and tall bumper give it a raised stance, making the high 185mm ground clearance evident. However, this makes the boot lid sit quite high which becomes a hassle when loading heavy luggage. Also, the 222-litre boot sits deep and has a large loading lip, making it tricky to load/remove heavy luggage.

Overall, this is a design that’s still fresh, funky and offers something new to anybody looking for something different among entry-level hatchbacks.

Datsun redi-GO Space

Inside, the redi-GO 1.0L gets all-black interiors. This is identical to the Sports variant of the 0.8-litre redi-GO, minus the body-coloured accents on the AC vents and steering. If you play ‘spot the differences’ you will notice that the lock/unlock switch on the centre console is new, and, apart from central locking, you also get a remote key. The boot, though, can only be opened using the release next to the driver’s seat. All other features and components like the steering, instrument cluster, music system and the gear lever are exactly the same. Overall, the black interiors mixed with the exterior body colour touch on some of the side panels look better than the grey ones in the 0.8-litre version.

Space inside the car is sufficient for four average-sized adults but the rear bench won’t be comfortable for a third passenger, not even a kid. At the rear, taller passengers may struggle for legroom but never the headroom – there’s plenty of it and the fixed rear headrests are tall enough to support passengers of varying heights. The front seats offer just about enough support for your shoulders and while the backrest is large, the lack of lateral support will take its toll on long drives or through sharply curving roads. The seat base, though, is comfortable, with decent under-thigh support.

The quality of materials used inside the cabin still remains questionable. The plastics are hard to touch and the fitment quality is just about acceptable. Storage spaces inside are ample with cubbyholes on the driver and passenger side and below the centre console. There are cup- and bottle-holders in front of the gear shifter but the door pockets (front only) are good enough to hold only magazines or perhaps your wallet.

Lots of storage spaces are no doubt a great thing, especially in a small car like this. However, while driving, objects placed here tend to get tossed about and when they hit the hard plastic trim, they create a fair amount of rattling. This will make you pick everything up and keep them in the glovebox, and that’s when you realise how small the glovebox really is. Use it to keep the vehicle’s documents and there’s negligible room left for much else.Cabin insulation of the redi-GO is average at best with most of the noise from the suspension and engine seeping inside the cabin. We drove through-rain lashed roads and there was a fair amount of splashing heard through the wheel wells too. For Datsun redi-GO visit

Datsun redi-GO Engine

An entry level compact city car with decent cabin space and an automatic transmission sounds like a good idea. What’s even better is the fact that its mated to the more powerful 1.0L engine that churns out 68PS of power and 91Nm of torque. The automatic is a clear boon while driving through thick stop-and-go traffic during rush hours, we witness invariably in all cities across the country. Absence of clutch is one thing you would love the most if you already have your eyes set on this Datsun. The car doesn’t boast of the most advanced automatic transmission technology, however like its rivals in the segment, it promises an unbeatable convenience in typical city driving conditions without burning a big hole in your pocket.

What we liked the best about Datsun rediGo is that it allows the user to decide which mode to drive in – Manual or Automatic. A chunky new gear knob with chrome finish lets you do the job neatly. The automatic gear shifts are fairly pronounced and you may find the drive a bit jerky, if you decide to push the accelerator to its limit. We suggest switch to manual mode if looking for a peppier performance and reserve AMT usage to the traffic crawling purpose mostly. In that sense, redi-GO AMT gives you the best of both and therefore is a very practical choice.

The ease of driving factor makes it a good option for daily city driving.Further, the car manages its way through bad roads and pot holes without a complaint. Thanks to a robust chassis and a nicely tunes suspension, you may feel it slightly stiffer than the others but overall ride quality is fairly good. In terms of fuel efficiency, it is likely to return a mileage in the range of 12-15 km/l in city, based on your exact driving conditions.

Datsun redi-GO Driving

On the move, if you drive with a gentle foot, the gearshifts are seamless and barely even noticeable. However, with more aggressive inputs, that irritating pause or ‘head-nod’ between gearshifts that’s so typical of AMTs, becomes more pronounced. Still, it’s smooth enough for intra-city commutes. The manual mode is a welcome addition and responds very well and automatic rev matches whilst downshifting can be quite entertaining for enthusiasts. However, the thrummy, vocal nature of this three-cylinder engine, isn’t. Having said that, this engine packs in peppy performance and it pulls strongly, so performance in the city is very good for its segment.Book a test drive for Datsun redi-GO

The Redigo’s steering is light to twirl and the extremely short turning radius makes taking tight U-turns a breeze. However, get up to highway speeds, and there is a clear disconnect between the steering and front wheels, which can get quite unnerving and doesn’t inspire confidence. The ride is still firm and it continues to crash over bad roads.

Datsun redi-GO Safety

The feature list on the Datsun redi-GO 1.0-litre is short but not so sweet. The bigger engine is available with the T(O) and the S variants only. A good thing here is that the redi-GO 1-litre comes with remote keyless entry, which is commonplace in today’s cars but is missing from the 0.8-litre variant. Other than that, everything else stays the same.You get a large analogue speedometer along with a small digital screen for the odometer, rev counter and fuel level. Additionally, it also displays range and trip information. The centre console holds a music system which has AUX, USB, CD and radio player. The lack of Bluetooth connectivity is a big miss. Users will still have to pair their smartphones via an aux cable or buy a USB Bluetooth adaptor.The front power window switches are located on the floor panel near the gear shifter, which take some getting used to, and the rear seats get manual window rollers. As before, the hard plastic rear parcel tray is still an accessory.

Datsun redi-GO Cost in Hyderabad

Datsun Redi Go On-Road Price in Hyderabad ranges from 2,80,335 to 4,75,162 for variants Redi GO D and Redi Go S 1.0L Amt respectively. Datsun Redi Go is available in 11 variants and 8 colours. Below are details of Datsun Redi Go variants price in Hyderabad. Check for redi GO price in Hyderabad at Carzprice.

Datsun redi-GO Conclusion

The AMT in the Redigo gives prospective buyers yet another reason to consider this car. It remains a smartly-styled, practical car which is amply spacious for its size and due to its tall stance, is very user-friendly, too. The high ground clearance, light steering and nice frontal visibility make it very easy to drive; and now this automatic only makes it easier. Datsun may be making its moves very late in the segment, as compared to rivals like the Maruti Alto and the Renault Kwid, however, this Redigo does pack in a lot of strengths. For city commuting, then, the Redigo offers buyers in this segment almost everything they’re looking for – space, style, practicality and ease of driving. The Redigo 1.0-litre AMT is pegged rather aggressively to begin with, at prices ranging from Rs 3.81-3.96 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). The AMT’s price is about Rs 20,000 more than the subsequent 1.0-litre manual transmission; this makes it the most affordable AMT in its segment.

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